Other Digital Content

The Copyright Act protects a wide variety of works that are used with computers, tablets, smartphones, videogame platforms, and other electronic devices. It also protects works that are used or distributed on the internet, such as websites, blogs, and other online content. To register these types of digital content, determine the predominant authorship and submit as a literary work, work of the visual arts, or work of the performing arts.

Works Commonly Registered In This Category

  • Apps
  • Blogs
  • Computer Programs
  • Databases
  • Mask Works
  • Screen Displays
  • Spreadsheets
  • Video Games
  • Virtual Reality Environments
  • Websites


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Paper Applications
  • Form TX for Computer Programs, Databases, Blogs, or other Textual Works
  • Form PA for Banner advertisements, Video Games, Videos, or other audiovisual works
  • Form VA for Websites that predominantly contain visual content or other visual arts works
Group Options
Preregistration (Restrictions Apply – Not for Majority of Applicants)
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