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Strategic Plan

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The U.S. Copyright Office released its strategic plan that sets priorities of the Office for the next five years. The plan describes how the Office will streamline and improve the efficiency of services while actively participating in discussions, both national and international, on ways to further transform the Office to better meet the needs of a modern digital society.

Six focus areas, Information Technology Modernization, Optimizing Business Processes, Organizational Change Management, Education and Engagement, Impartial Expertise on Copyright Law and Policy, and Measuring Success, set the themes for goals that fulfill the Office’s mission.

The themes reflected in the United States Copyright Office 2019–2023 Strategic Plan, also align with the Library of Congress’s strategy framework: Expand Access, Enhance Services, Optimize Resources and Measure Impact.

“These are exciting times at the Copyright Office,” said Karyn A. Temple, Register of Copyrights. “The Office looks forward to the challenge and the opportunity of remaking itself for the twenty-first century.”

The Office has committed itself to adopting quantifiable, measurable goals and benchmarks to improve transparency regarding the pace and progress of Office modernization. Throughout this process, the Office will seek continued engagement with stakeholders through a multiplatform communications plan that focuses on reaching people where they are and through the means by which they prefer to communicate.

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