Certification Screen

The application must be certified before you submit your claim to the Copyright Office.

The certification may be signed by the author or claimant for the works being registered, or an owner of one or more of the exclusive right(s) in these works. Alternatively, the application may be certified by an authorized agent of one of these parties.

Check the box to confirm that you are authorized to certify the application. Then enter your first and last name in the space marked “First and Last Name of the Individual Certifying the Application.”

Note to Copyright Office space

Use the “Note to Copyright Office” space to provide any additional information that may be relevant to the examination of your claim, such as explaining apparent discrepancies between the information given in the application and deposit.

Previously Published Works

The “Note to Copyright Office” space may also be used if you want to register a musical work that was previously published as an individual work, such as a single, before it was published on the album. To do so, you should provide the following information in this space:

Hidden Tracks

The “Note to Copyright Office” space may also be used to register a “hidden track,” such as a song that was published on the album but was not listed in the liner notes or elsewhere in the deposit. To do so, you should provide the following information in the application:

Important: If you upload a digital copy of the hidden track, the name assigned to the digital file must match the corresponding title that you enter on the “Titles of the Musical Works Being Registered” screen and in the “Note to Copyright Office” space. If the titles and the file names do not match each other, the Office may remove that work from your application or may refuse to register the entire claim.


Title listed in the application:
Filename for the digital audio file:
The Surprise Party thesurpriseparty.mp3