Technical Amendments Regarding the Copyright Office’s Organizational Structure

In May 2021, the U.S. Copyright Office engaged in an operational reorganization that is intended to create administrative and cost efficiencies by consolidating operational organizations headed by senior-level positions and provide greater clarity and consistency by renaming certain organizational elements and senior positions. Further, in December 2020, Congress passed the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims (“CASE”) Enforcement Act of 2020. The CASE Act established the Copyright Claims Board, a new voluntary, alternative forum to federal court to seek resolution of copyright disputes with a low economic value. The final rule updated the Office’s regulations to reflect its May 2021 reorganization, including the new Copyright Claims Board.

This final rule makes the following changes to the Office’s regulations:

  • (1) it realigns the Office of the Director of Operations (formerly the Office of the Chief of Operations) and subordinate offices;
  • (2) it renames certain organizational elements and senior positions in the Office of Copyright Records (formerly the Office of Public Records and Repositories) and the Office of the Director of Operations;
  • (3) it adds a new section for the Copyright Claims Board; and
  • (4) it updates office and division descriptions to reflect current responsibilities.

The regulations are effective July 22, 2021.