Pilot Program for Bulk Submission of Copyright Registration Applications

In 2017, the U.S. Copyright Office initiated a pilot program for the bulk submission of copyright registration applications in certain limited types of literary works. The pilot program is limited to claims to single literary works that have a single author, where all content that appears in the work was created and is owned solely by that single author. The pilot will allow participants to bypass the Office’s online interface and transmit their claims directly into the electronic registration system, instead of filing them on an individual basis.

The Office invited parties interested in participating in the pilot to submit information regarding the types of works sought to be registered and the anticipated volume. The Office received many submissions and will continue working with applicants whose proposals satisfy the program’s eligibility criteria. The Office also received several submissions from parties seeking bulk registration of works outside the scope of the pilot program. While those proposals are not eligible for the pilot, the Office will consider them in connection with its ongoing modernization efforts, including building the Enterprise Copyright System.

At this time, the Office is no longer accepting requests to participate in the Bulk Submissions Pilot Program. For additional information about the Office’s work towards building a next-generation system for copyright registrations, please see the Copyright Modernization section of the Office’s website.