Visual Works

The Office received a large volume of initial comments in response to its April 24, 2015 Notice of Inquiry Regarding Certain Visual Works. The comments that directly respond to the questions specifically included in the Notice, which focused on the current environment, are available under "Direct Initial Comments," and comments that address more general copyright issues are available under "General Initial Comments."

Comments are sorted in alphabetical order based on the first name or organization name.

The Office is posting the initial public comments in Adobe PDF Portfolio view. We recommend that you download the files for viewing instead of viewing them directly in a browser window. This will provide maximum speed and functionality. Once you have downloaded and opened the files, you may search one comment or the entire downloaded file, sort the comments, and see a list of all comments in the file by selecting the file view.

Document Direct Initial Comments
1 Direct Initial Comments (29mb PDF Portfolio)
Document General Initial Comments
1 General Initial Comments: Aaron Ansarov - Cynthia Schecter
(25mb PDF Portfolio)
2 General Initial Comments: Dacey Villarreal - Izaak Becker
(18mb PDF Portfolio)
3 General Initial Comments: J.A. Fudd - Kyung Chyun
(23mb PDF Portfolio)
4 General Initial Comments: Lana Rast - Myriam Kirkman-Oh
(15mb PDF Portfolio)
5 General Initial Comments: Nadine Ferguson - Ryuunosuke Akiyama
(16mb PDF Portfolio)
6 General Initial Comments: Sabrina Gaddy - Zofia H. Kostyrko-Edwards
(23mb PDF Portfolio)