Further Update on System Outages Affecting the Copyright Office
Issue No. 591 - September 3, 2015

The Copyright Office’s online copyright registration system, eCO, remains offline until further notice.

As previously reported, on Friday, August 28th, the Library of Congress shut down a data center that hosts a number of U.S. Copyright Office systems, including eCO. This was done to accommodate a scheduled annual power outage to allow routine maintenance by the Architect of the Capitol. The Library attempted to reopen the data center on Sunday, August 30th, after power was reestablished, but was unable to restore access to eCO and certain other Copyright Office systems. While the Library continues work to address the problem, it has not provided the Office with a timetable for restoration of service. Until service is restored, you will be unable to use the eCO system to file a copyright registration, and Office staff may be unable to access Office records.

Please note that during this outage, you can still file a copyright registration for your work(s) using a paper registration form. Fillable PDF registration forms are available at http://copyright.gov/forms/. For further information, please contact 202-707-3000 or 1-877-476-0778 (toll free).

We apologize for the continuing inconvenience.