Electronic Title List and Copyright Public Record System Tutorials

The videos on this page will assist you when exploring the new Copyright Public Record System pilot or preparing your electronic title list (ETL) before submitting it to the U.S. Copyright Office. We encourage you to watch these tutorials if you have a question.

How to Use the Electronic Title List Validator

In this step-by-step video, learn how to use the ETL Validator to check your electronic title list for formatting errors that may cause the Copyright Office to reject your recordation submission.


Electronic Title Lists and the ETL Validator

Learn why the Copyright Office created the ETL Validator, the benefits of submitting an ETL, common errors when filling out an ETL, and how the ETL Validator warns users of potential errors before filing.

PDF Slides and Recorded Webinar


Copyright Public Record System Pilot Tutorial

In this tutorial, learn about the U.S. Copyright Office Public Records System. This pilot will run in parallel with the Copyright Public Catalog as new features are developed. This system contains the same information from 1978-present that appears in the official Copyright Public Catalog, but it uses a more powerful search engine, provides easy filtering capability, and follows user-centered design principles.